Glowbom Custom

Glowbom Custom allows you to make a simple one-screen app by combining different elements.

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Create a custom app.

Create a simple app by combining different elements together.

Here's how it works...

Step-by-Step Setup Instructions

Step 1

Open Glowbom and create an account if you haven’t done it already. It’s free and takes 30 seconds.

Step 2

Press + New Project at the top right corner:

Step 2

Or press the little mic button and say: “Create an app.”

Step 2

Step 3

Choose Custom and press Select:

Step 3

Step 4

Enter the project name and press Create project:

Step 3

Step 5

To add and modify app elements, press the little pencil button:

Step 3

Or say: “Open an editor.”

Step 6

By default, you have 2 app elements. To add a new app element, press the “+” button:

Step 3

To edit the app element, press the little pencil button.

To remove the app element, press the remove button.

To close the editor, press the cross button at the top center.

Step 7

Choose app elements and fill out the attributes. Currently, there are Text, Image, and Button elements available. We’ll add more elements soon.

Step 8

Press the “Play” button on the top right to run the project:


Or say: “Launch the project please.”

Press the “Stop” button on the top right to stop the project:


Or say: “Stop the project please.”

Next Steps

Publish your app


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know

Upcoming updates

We are working on Glowbom 2.0. Firebase, Stripe, OpenAI, GitHub integrations, Unity game projects support, and more are coming soon.